Major Art Installations
Dark Ride Project
"A Future for Art!" The most unusual art exhibition in the world. Take an actual ride in the "Sensory Integrator" through creative space. Introcave, "A Future for Art" with Walter Hopps, Gateway Station, "Sensory Integrator" ride, Space Sculpture Garden, Purity Vacuum, Artifacts Gallery.  First opened to the public in 1996, the components of the Dark Ride Project can be installed in any museum space.  For contact information: Contact Rudd Studio, 189 Beaver Street, North Adams, MA 01247 Tel. 800.689.0978  more info...
A Chapel for Humanity
82 Summer Street, Post Office Square, North Adams
In a historic church, artist Eric Rudd’s massive sculptural epic has been created for both an art experience and private meditation.
Over 150 life-size figures, 250 low-relief ceiling figures plus Sept. 11 memorial.
Near MASS MoCA/Main Street. Summer: Wed-Sun 12-5 PM. Fall: Sat & Sun 12-5 PM. Contact Rudd Studio Tel. 800.689.0978
Night Garden of the Hesperides 
A large-scale art installation involving autonomous robotic sculptures, moving about a landscape environment, attempting to carry out each creature’s goals.  The story line is futuristic, while based on Greek mythology.  In a far future where humankind has left the dying planet to be staffed only by robotic biomorphic creatures, the large (18 foot high) Ladon attempts to protect huge egg/pods while predator creatures seek to devour them.  Based on the Greek mythological creature, Ladon, who is brought in by Zeus to guard the golden apples growing in the garden of the Hesperides sisters, will be joined by a cast of predator and protector creatures; our version will be a cross from Rudd’s imagination, Jurassic Park and Star Wars – all rolled into one.  This work took four years to build, establishing the first (university level) robotic arts program in the nation; it was built within the physics’ department of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (Dr. William Seeley, Chair), North Adams, MA.
For exhibition in large museum spaces beginning Fall, 2007, Contact Rudd Studio Tel. 800.689.0978