Lectures & Talks by Eric Rudd
For booking, contact Rudd Studio
Animated Lectures by Eric Rudd for Developing Artists, Art Students in Art Schools and Universities, and to people interested in the arts;
Fees dependent on group size, organization and travel. Lectures either in North Adams or at any destination.  Eric Rudd is an animated speaker who connects easily with his audience, whether a professional group of artists or a group of ‘lay people’ who only have limited knowledge about the arts.  Request a list of references from satisfied group leaders and teachers. Contact Rudd Studio Tel. 800.689.0978
Recent Lectures
Silvermine Guild Arts Center, CT
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
New England School of Art and Design
Millsaps College, MS
Ringling School of Art, FL
Suggested Topics
  • The Business of Art, Thriving As An Artist in Today’s World
  • The Art World Dream, Alternative Strategies
  • Artists’ Studios – Planning and Succeeding
  • The Transformation of North Adams – Museums and Artists
  • For Developers and Communities –
  • Tapping into the Art Market for real estate development;
  • What to do and What not to do
  • Long Term Strategies for the Developing Artist
  • End Game Strategies for the Mature Artist
  • Industrial Residencies, Industrial Processes
  • Aspects of Contemporary Art; what is art and technology?
  • How does all this craziness, called abstract art, happen?
  • Survival Strategies for Small Arts Organizations
  • Robotic Arts Program; What is it?  Why it is the future!
  • Real Estate for People in the Arts
  • How North Adams turned to art and thrived.
  • Synergy: The MASS MoCA/North Adams/Eric Rudd Story

(For longer seminars/multiple sessions, combinations of the above can be used.)